My story.

Hey! I have been tattooing for 3 and a half years now.. I am still very new to this industry and hope to succeed in every way possible. 

Over the years I have used many art mediums; paint, pencil, photography, graphic, and now finally; tattooing. My passion.

I put everything I can into my work to create something beautiful for my clients, but will also go above & beyond to make the experience as enjoyable as possible at the studio.

The studio I work in, is as most of our clients say; different to others. We try to create a relaxed, professional, non judgemental, comfortable environment for our clients to be in. 

Having a tattoo is more than a procedure, it is an experience and I myself, know firsthand, how horrible it is to walk into a studio... it can be intimidating. So if you are thinking of booking in with myself, but are too scared.. I will do as much as I can to make people comfortable and enjoy the process as much as I do! 

Art has always been my passion so after working in retail at a few stores, I decided to go on my own & become self employed. I had a successful phone case business for 2 years. This involved me creating handpainted custom phone cases. I also customised trainers, sold artwork prints & other various hand crafted items. 

I then went on to start working as an apprentice. This was at The Interbellum Tattoo Lounge, where I have been since.

Having a job that is also my passion drives me to become better and better each day & put beautiful artwork on people forever! 

Over the past two years I have tried to create my own style; something that most tattoo artist's strive for. My main interests are dot work, mandala's/patternwork & blackwork pieces.


In 2016 I was also lucky enough, at my second Tattoo Convention, to win first place in the 'Modern Oriental' category at the East Coast Convention. This was a huge shock to me, due to only being in the industry for such a short space of time. 


I also attended this same convention last year (2018) in which I won the 1st & 2nd place awards in the 'Unusual' category. 

Feel free to take a look at my portfolio and book in with me!